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Why Unapologetically Human?

Unapologetically Human came from a lot of places. It started out as an emotional survival tool I duct-taped together in the wake of divorce 11-years ago – tool I still use, the story-worthy life.

Then it morphed into porch time where Fridrich and I started assembling an economic life raft in Seattle while burning through yellow pads, .7mm gel pens, PBR’s and American Spirit (yellows of course) at an equal rate.

And It evolved further into anti-social marketing where my team would purposefully add inefficient but overtly human elements into small business marketing campaigns in the age where the Facebook Page Like was still king.

And it progressed yet again into laicos (social spelled backwards) a crude philosophy/lifeview created by me and Billy Gold during our weekly “It’s Wednesday Baybee” calls that forced me to look for more and more ways to inject humanity back into my business.

Then it evolved into my being human talks given to any group willing to hear me ramble about overcoming digital addiction in life and business.

A few years ago, my business partner Seth Rasmussen changed the old tag line for Small Biz Triage which I don’t remember (but I do remember being emotionally attached to it) to Unapologetically Human Business. Of course he didn’t ask permission or apologize for changing my oh-so-forgettable mission statement, but in two words he created a human anchor for our highly digital lives.

That’s what this project is all about really. Curating raw, real stories and unearthing the lessons buried within to help us all become better humans. This is not an advice blog, and if you catch me preaching, reach out and digitally slap me across the face. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some incredible teachers. From a buzzed expat guitarist in an Abba Cover band stranded in Alicante Spain who taught me about the importance of “burning the shirt” to a annoyingly happy aerospace contractor who hammered me with his “all you can do is all you can do” mantra.

On a selfish level, I’m looking for what I call “sword in the stone moment” – which I’ll get into later.

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